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A Safe Housing Option So You Are Able To Center Your Attention On Recovery

AffinityOne Toms River provides a safe place to step away from the trauma and triggers of your daily life so you may practice the skills you need for an effective addiction recovery. Created particularly for those who are enrolled in the Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) near Toms River, AffinityOne lets you return from a busy day of counseling to our welcoming residential accommodations. With home-cooked meals, comfortable rooms, and the latest in amenities, you’ll find the support and confidence you need for lasting sobriety.

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Find Out If AffinityOne Will Work For You

Whenever you call AffinityOne, we’ll help you get the help you need promptly, regardless of whether that’s with us or another recovery center within our continuum of care. To reside at AffinityOne, you have to be

  • 18 or older
  • Recovering from substance use
  • No longer in need of 24-hour medical support
  • Receiving addiction treatment such as partial hospitalization care at The Counseling Center At Toms River

AffinityOne supplies a nurturing place to stay for those being cared for in Partial Hospitalization facilities near Toms River. Numerous patients relocate here directly from detox to assist with their transition back to daily living. If you require a more orderly living arrangement to complement your substance use treatment, contact (908) 883-3963 to get more information on being admitted to AffinityOne Toms River.

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Why You Should Choose AffinityOne As The Next Phase In Your Recovery

After you’ve finished detox, it might be a bit confusing and challenging to re-enter the real world and confront the situations and specific triggers that often result in drug and alcohol use. AffinityOne is the right place to reside as you adjust back to life and make strides in your addiction counseling. Our peaceful, cozy environment has a range of benefits to promote your advancement in recovery:

  • An orderly schedule to aid recovery
  • Protection from drug and alcohol use triggers you encounter at home or in your social life
  • Support from individuals who can relate to what you’re going through
  • Less stress as you stay focused on your care
  • A conducive environment while you cultivate healthier habits
  • Engage in sober living without external influences
  • Modern amenities and chef-inspired meals
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Rest At The Accommodating AffinityOne Facility near Toms River

When you’re at AffinityOne, you don’t have to worry about anything but your substance use recovery work. Our lovely sober living facility is outfitted to make your stay as successful as possible. You’ll share a fully furnished bedroom that comes with a television and attached bath. All meals are chef-made and can be adjusted to accommodate any dietary requirements. If you’re looking for something to do, work out in the gym, take a break on the patio or in the community lounge, or come with us on a scheduled social event.

Our Facility
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Have Convenient Access To First-Class Addiction Treatment

Although AffinityOne isn’t an addiction treatment center, our facility complements what you learn in the Partial Hospitalization Program near Toms River. Our structured living facility is a partner of The Counseling Center, offering easy access to top-notch drug and alcohol use counseling and mental health care. The ability to participate in your addiction treatment sessions throughout the day and go back to our supportive living environment during your free time helps reinforce the new skills you’ll cultivate in therapy.

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Need Assistance With A Substance Use Disorder? Call Today

AffinityOne near Toms River is here whenever you or a loved one needs a safe place to reside while enrolled in addiction treatment services. Contact us at (908) 883-3963 or submit our form at any hour, and we will discuss your unique situation. Our personnel reply immediately to find the support you need.