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Your Guide To AffinityOne Admissions near Toms River

At AffinityOne, we strive to make your visit as easy and comfortable as possible, beginning with our admissions process. From the time you first call us, we focus on your unique needs to give you a good experience in our facility. We’ll help you get settled here so you can start or continue your substance use treatment program. Or call (908) 883-3963 and our staff will answer any questions concerning AffinityOne admissions near Toms River.

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Who We Serve At AffinityOne

AffinityOne is a living facility for clients in the Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) at our partner facility, The Counseling Center. We provide a sober living environment that lets you focus on your recovery without the triggers and stress that lead to substance use. To be admitted at AffinityOne, you must be:

To learn if you qualify for admittance to AffinityOne, call (908) 883-3963 anytime to talk about your needs.

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What To Know Before Arriving At AffinityOne

Once you get approved to stay at AffinityOne Toms River, we begin preparing for your arrival right away. You’ll need to do a few things before you leave home too.


We want nothing to hold you back from joining us. If you need a ride to our facility, tell us, and we will happily arrange transportation from your home or the airport.

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What To Pack

Before coming to AffinityOne, we recommend packing as you would for an extended trip. We provide most of your necessities, but you’ll want to bring personal items like:

  • Clothing, footwear, and outerwear
  • Fitness clothing
  • Hair care and hygiene products
  • Reading materials
  • A music player
  • OTC and prescription medications
  • Unopened cigarettes or E-cigarettes, vaping devices, and pods

During admissions, you’ll entrust items like razors, hair straighteners, and all medications with front desk staff. We will dispense medications at appropriate times, and you can sign out the other things as needed. Please bring medication in original packaging and correctly labeled.

We also welcome service animals. We only request that you tell us beforehand if you are bringing an animal and present vaccine records and authorized certification ahead of time.

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What You Should Expect During AffinityOne’s Admissions near Toms River

At AffinityOne, we believe that personalized care is key to successful addiction recovery. Your AffinityOne's admission near Toms River will center on you and your needs. The information we ask for upon arrival will help us serve you better. During the admissions process, we will

  • Perform a comprehensive medical/psychological assessment
  • Inspect your belongings for restricted or unauthorized items
  • Collect a urine sample for drug screening
  • Make your room assignment and get you anything you need

Family Involvement At AffinityOne

We know how beneficial it is to have support from loved ones when trying to heal from a substance use disorder. AffinityOne is glad to include relatives in your recovery as much as possible. We invite family members to visit you during Saturday visiting hours, and you can borrow our phone to call supportive family and friends whenever you need.

We Can Help You Understand Insurance And Costs

AffinityOne accepts most commercial insurance policies. We verify your coverage before you arrive and communicate with your provider to cover as much of your stay as possible. At this time, we cannot accept Medicare/Medicaid.

If you do not have insurance or your policy won’t cover our services, we will review our affordable self-pay rates with you and your family.

We Can Help You Get Leave From Work

Part of partial hospitalization admissions near Toms River involves taking time off from work to focus on treatment. AffinityOne’s staff can assist with this too. We will help you fill out documentation and work with your employer to obtain authorized leave of absence. This includes assistance with:

    • FMLA benefits
    • Short-term disability benefits
    • Engagement with your EAP
    • Coordinating with your union representative
    • Court-ordered documentation

Call Now To Hear All About AffinityOne Admissions near Toms River

To find out how AffinityOne can help you or a loved one during substance use recovery, call (908) 883-3963 or fill out our contact form. Someone will respond immediately, guaranteed. Help is available now, 24/7.