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Our Mission

AffinityOne aims to supply a modern facility where you feel relaxed while working through your addiction treatment near Toms River. We know you’ll get the most out of treatment when you have a supportive atmosphere to return to each night. Our objective is to supply a safe, worry-free place to stay away from triggers and trauma so you are able to concentrate on your recovery. We believe that every person who reaches out to us should feel heard so they can find the precise help they need.

Group of patients talking in the common area

Why Select AffinityOne Toms River?

When you recover from alcohol or drug use, you could be vulnerable to the cravings and social pressures that can lead to relapse. AffinityOne is a safe haven from outside influences and disturbances that result in substance use. We are a sober environment where you may live while keeping your focus on addiction treatment near Toms River. Our resident facility is right next door to our partner facility, The Counseling Center, where you’ll obtain expert addiction treatment on a daily basis. You’ll then spend your free time and evenings at AffinityOne fortifying the coping mechanisms you cultivate in therapy without being impacted by outside forces. This additional support helps you prevent relapse and progress further in your substance use recovery.

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We do everything we can to make you comfortable at AffinityOne Toms River. We have:

  • Fully furnished semi-private bedrooms with attached bathroom and television
  • Community spaces for watching TV, playing games, and meeting new friends
  • Contemporary decor
  • Three chef-prepared meals per day and 24/7 access to beverages and snacks
  • Outside break areas
  • A full-service exercise area
  • Scheduled resident activities and field trips
  • On-location laundry facilities
  • Sympathetic staff to meet your every need

About Praesum

AffinityOne Toms River is a proud member of the Praesum Healthcare network. Since 2004, we have aspired to offer only the highest quality treatment for residents throughout the East Coast. Through all our facilities, Praesum now assists thousands of people every year with a range of evidence-based behavioral health services designed to help those in our care overcome drug and alcohol use.

All of our operations are grounded in the belief that every patient deserves individualized care that fits their needs. We understand that you have your best chance of building the life you want when compassionate healthcare professionals treat you with respect. Presently, Praesum runs dozens of substance use treatment centers providing different phases of support to meet you where you are on your recovery path.


Our Staff

Candace Tocci Director Affinity One Toms River
Candace M Tocci, LCSW, LCADC
Program Director
Program Director Candace Tocci is a New Jersey native who grew up in Ocean County, studying locally at Ocean County College in Toms River, before earning a Bachelor of Science degree from Georgian Court University in Lakewood and a masters degree in Social Work from Monmouth University. Having witnessed first-hand the impact of addiction on individuals and families in New Jersey, Candace exhibits a unique awareness and dedication to her work in substance use treatment and counseling. She considers each residents unique set of needs to be a top priority, while encouraging a variety of methods in their treatment plan including Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), to help advance them through the Stages of Change associated with successful addiction treatment. Her energetic, good-humored, knowledgeable, and open-minded demeanor brings a sense of trust and relief to her clients.

Explore Our Continuum of Care

Residing at AffinityOne during partial hospitalization near Toms River is just one stage of the substance use recovery process. For your other treatment needs, Praesum has healthcare facilities that are able to help -- whether you’re just starting to work toward a sober life or have been free of substances for some time but would like mental health support and medication management assistance. No matter what your next step is, we are standing by to help you progress toward your recovery goals and help you get healthy again with our various substance use services:

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Whether you need a place to stay during partial hospitalization near Toms River, we can help you now. Contact us at (908) 883-3963 or fill out our form to speak with a member of our team immediately. We reply 24/7, regardless of the time. Get help today.